HEX cor is a digital polyphonic synthesizer with a capacitive keyboard, potentiometers for signal modulation and an adaptable looper that through its unusual shape explores new ways of interaction and sound synthesis.

Touch the golden capacitive pads to trigger the tones. There are many ways of playing – slide your fingers over the pads and try touching multiple pads at the same time (to generate chaotic clouds of sound).

There are three potentiometers dedicated to sound manipulation. OCTAVE, DECAY and WAVEFORM settings can be adjusted to produce sounds ranging from thick drones, bass stabs and 8-bit bleeps to techno hi-hats.

There are two selectable scales that can be chosen by rotating OCTAVE to min position. Scales are then chosen by positioning the WAVEFORM—left half selects C major and the right C minor. To exit scale choosing mode rotate OCT out of the extremities. By default cor boots tuned to C major.

RECORD & TWEAK By now you have probably played some improvised melodies and want to start recording. HEX’s looper has a total length of 256 steps. Use the LENGTH potentiometer to adjust the desired length of the loop window – ranging from 8 to 256 steps (in increments of 8). The blinking LED on the left side of LENGHT indicates the tempo/sync pulse (it blinks on every second step of the loop) while the LED to its right indicates the end of the loop.

I /O The switch next to the 3.5mm stereo jack (10) sets the output to either dual mono or sync (R) + mono (L) mode. This enables other sync-able devices to sync to HEX.

POWER HEX can be powered via the USB C socket (11) using a USB power adapter/power bank.

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