Eskite is a granular synthesizer based on the Auduino synthesizer. His heart is an Atmega 328 microcontroller and is programmed using the Arduino platform.

Using the technique of granular synthesis, the sound is generated by playing the same noise ('sound grain') repeatedly at a very high speed. This merges into a tone that is an audible hybrid of the repetition rate and the original grain. It sounds quite similar to an oscillator with two resonating bandpass filters, although the different architecture means there are lots of additional interesting noises at parameter extremes.

The grain consists of two triangular waves of adjustable frequency, and adjustable decay rate. This is based on FOF synthesis model, but using triangle waves instead of sine and using a rectangular window.

The repetition rate is set by another potentiometer. Eskite has six different modes or scales: logarithmic, diatonic, C major and minor and C pentatonic major and minor switchable between modes by a button which cycles through them and differentiates by blinking an LED according to the mode number. The sound also controls a LED that allows the output signal to be displayed.

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