Microphone and Preamp

The ExMic Deluxe blends the nostalgia of a vintage telephone with the power of modern technology. This device is a microphone and a preamp, offering endless possibilities for capturing and shaping your sound. Plug in the handset, now transformed into a microphone with a 1/4" jack, and unleash your vocals through this eccentric, lo-fi creation. The ExMic Deluxe was specifically designed for this purpose, but this versatile device goes beyond vocals. Connect your guitar, bass, or synth to the converted base and experience the magic of boosted tones and uniquely shaped sounds. Let your creativity run wild as you experiment with unconventional techniques, such as using it as an overhead mic for your drums or placing it in the room to capture strange and unusual ambient sounds. The possibilities with the ExMic Deluxe are limitless!

Designed and assembled in Seattle, Washington. The ExMic Deluxe includes a mic clip that mounts on a standard mic stand and a one-year limited warranty if registered within 30 days of delivery.

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