Audio to MIDI Device

Ghost Writer is a pedal that transforms the notes you play into MIDI data. This means you can connect to a synth and literally play your synthesizer from your guitar. You can also trigger phrases or samples, and add functionality to your MIDI-equipped pedals.

Independent controls allow you to toggle audio and MIDI signals or use both. The monophonic MIDI data is automatically assigned to MIDI Channel 1, and transmitted through a 3.5mm TRS MIDI cable on the back of the pedal. The audio is processed through a high-quality buffer stage to ensure no loss of signal. . Ghost Writer provides a simple way to interact with your synths and MIDI-equipped gear as you play. It’s an essential tool for creative musicians who are on the search for innovation. Designed and assembled in Seattle, Washington. Operates on a standard 9Vdc Boss-style power supply (not included). Includes a one-year limited warranty if registered within 30 days of delivery. . You will need a 3.5mm "Type A” connector. Some connectors do not specify if they are “Type A” or "Type B", so we recommend using the Recovery-branded and tested cable that we offer. Type A cable sold separately here: Recovery MIDI cable

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