Horizon celebrates a world of ambiguous dualities~~ harmony/chaos, smooth/stepped, intuitive/practiced, manual/automatic. Built around an invertible heirarchy of pinged-filter cores, and a resonant garden of delays and filters. A rapid and responsive playing surface, smoothly blurring between textures or precisely sculpting a spectral landscape. Honed musicians and freeform experimentalists alike will find their own personal expressions within.

At centre, two Mountains of pinged filters, cross-coupled with smooth and stepped frequency modulation. These pings flow into a resonant filterbank and stereo delays, guided and recirculated by Tide sliders. The filterbank follows the path of 5 Bird sliders, collecting resonances from a playful just-intoned scale generator. Between these worlds flow Currents controlled by the touch surface, capable of wrangling chaos into pure tones or latching into sequences for otherwise busy hands. As the Tides ebb and flow, sequence & delay times are modulated in rhythmic/harmonic steps transforming relationships and shifting priorities.

Sitting proudly at the centre of a performance, or nestled into a larger setup with Eurorack CV i/o. Process external sounds, or use global feedback for an added layer of unpredictability.

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